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Poo Poo Platter for Easy Cage Cleaning

The poo poo platter is a plastic insert that fits on the floor of your baby cube or tall baby butterfly cage. Click the details tab for more info

  • 14" platter fits inside the baby cube and tall baby cage
  • Gives baby cube and tall baby cage a solid floor so they can be carried around without spilling cuttings containers inside
  • Two 14" Platters will fit inside the big cube & monarch tower but won't cover the entire floor (click on third photo) so instead we suggest using a low-power handheld vacuum
  • Bend sides slightly toward the center to insert or remove platter
  • Remove insert (filled with caterpillar frass/poop) and dump in garbage.
  • Rinse out, dry, and put back in the cage
  • Set milkweed cutting containers or leaves on platter

Customer Reviews

Based on 130 reviews
Great cleaning aid

I decided to try this platter and it makes cleaning a lot easier . Good quality.


The platter does as it is supposed to but I found a larger plastic platter at a nursery store. It will cover most of the bottom of the 24x24 cage.
I haven't used the floral tubes yet since I had some small flower vases. Good service though.


It's a plastic dish and it catches poop. Impossible for anything to go wrong.


Good. As expected.

Poo poo platter

So glad I purchased the poo poo platter. It made cleaning the butterfly cage a lot easier.

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Just what I need!

My order of the 16 pack of large floral water tubes and peg racks is going to be perfect for my Monarch habitat and I can hardly wait for Spring to get here! These tubes will extend the life of my milkweed and make clean up much easier. Thank you for offering such a versatile and quality product.


Looking forward to being able to see eggs and cats when spring gets here. Like the light with the magnifier.

Great for all butterfly plants!

I use these for Wild Lime Tree cuttings (Giant Swallowtail), Cassia cuttings (Sulphur Butterflies), Milkweed, etc. Needed more 👍

Monarch Tower Butterfly Cage

This cage is even better than I hoped it would be! Well made, well designed and BIG! It will be the perfect solution to what I have been wanting to try: Raising caterpillars on a live potted milkweed plant. The only problem? My two HOUSE CATS claimed it immediately! Until I can use it outside I folded it up to protect it from kitty claws. That is when I discovered another great design feature. It folds back up so thin it can be stored anywhere!

Fat cat tubes and rack

I think these big tubes will make things much easier because I had to spend time each day refilling the smaller ones. I’ve been using various items to keep the tubes upright so I expect that the rack will be a big help too.