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Poo Poo Platter for Easy Cage Cleaning

The poo poo platter is a plastic insert that fits perfectly on the floor of your baby cube or tall baby butterfly cage.

  • 14" platter fits perfectly inside the baby cube and tall baby cage
  • Gives baby cube and tall baby cage a solid floor so they can be carried around without spilling cuttings containers inside
  • Two 14" Platters will fit inside the big cube & monarch tower but won't cover the entire floor (click on third photo) so instead we suggest using a low-power handheld vacuum
  • Bend sides slightly toward the center to insert or remove platter
  • Remove insert (filled with caterpillar frass/poop) and dump in garbage.
  • Rinse out, dry, and put back in the cage
  • Set milkweed cutting containers or leaves on platter

Customer Reviews

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Poo pan

I am glad I decided to buy this. It makes clean up very easy. Few Monarchs this year, but many Swallowtails.


Love my purchases! Raising monarch's in my office assists the homeless families I work with see that change is possible and transformation is a beautiful thing!!

Move a chrysalis if it forms under platter lip!

As a newbie to raising last year, I had a sad experience when a chrysalis formed under the lip of the platter. (I didn’t know then that I could move it to a safer location.) The butterfly emerged unattended and its wings never expanded ... my fault! I learned a sad lesson and want to share with others who are new to raising. I love these platters for care and cleanup, but some cats love hanging their chrysalis from that lip – and I want people to know that they can move chrysalides to the top of the enclosure when necessary! I handle very gently and use a glue gun to attach the cremaster (black stem) and as much of the attached fine "netting" as I can save.

Great Platter for Clean-Up

Purchased one of these last year and found it extremely useful, so as I'd ordered 2 more cages for my little (& big) caterpillars, I ordered 2 more of the platters. Makes it much easier for clean-up

Poo Poo Platter vs thick bedding of paper towels

i used the Poo Poo Platter till a monarch started to make its chrysalis on the lip. I removed him although I know that is a big No No. He climbed half way up the seam in the 24-inch tall mesh cage and made a pupa. I hope I didn't damage him fatally. Am a rank newbie and don't feel competent to move a crysalid so removed platter rather than take a chance on moving it twice a day for cage cleaning with a crysalid attached. I am using a thick bed of white paper towels which I change twice per day.

Hi Blanche, it's a lot less risky to let them form the chrysalis first, let it harden, and then remove and rehang OR leave on the cage floor. More info on our chrysalis page. there is no need to use all those paper towels. See this page for reference: https://monarch-butterfly-shop.helpscoutdocs.com/article/120-caterpillar-forms-chrysalis-on-poo-poo-platter

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Excellent Value

Excellent Value for the money. Well used items. All great sizes. Fast shipping. Excellent customer service.

Loving it!

Good looks Tony, the butterfly cage is perfect, bigger than I expected and good quality.
Its full house in there. I create climate Gardens to save biodiversity in an urban environments barely any butterflies. So now Tony with your butterfly cage we're giving as many species in the garden a boost. And planting more habitat to help restore balance and confuse the predators. And of course the cage is helping. The garden is full of more butterflies than ever. Thank you.

Great Fun!

It was great to get my caterpillars out of my Tupperware and into the butterfly house when it arrived! I now have 4 chrysalides waiting for the big moment. I really like this product.

We are very pleased with both of these. The baby cage is great for the eggs and young tiny caterpillars. The tall cage is great for the caterpillars and the chrysalis they have created!

Baby Cube Butterfly Cages

I truly love the baby cube butterfly cages, because they are small and light, and
the drawbridge door with the double zipper makes it so easy to access the
caterpillars and clean. I also appreciate that there is nowhere in these cages
that you can lose a caterpillar. These are very caterpillar and user friendly
cages. I would definitely purchase them again.