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Monarch ER Butterfly Cage- mini monarch hospital 8"x8"x8"

MonarchEmergency Room for birthing butterflies and nursing sick caterpillars!

  • For Indoor Use or Outdoor Area protected from wind/rain/predators
  • Drawbridge Door-flap hangs down and won't get in your way when cage cleaningor inserting/removing monarch caterpillars, chrysalides or butterflies
  • 8" x 8" cube is our mini monarch hospital for fallen chrysalidesor sick caterpillars that need to be separated to prevent spreading disease
  • Fine mesh keeps baby in and small predators out
  • Handles for easy portability
  • NOPVC Window allows butterflies emerging from chrysalides to easily climb up cage to dry their wings
  • GreenCage folds flat for easy storage.
  • Check out our Instructions Page for additional cage and accessories info
  • All Butterfly Cage/Kit customers receive an invite to our Closed Facebook Groupto discuss raising monarchs + post your photos
  • Save 15% when you bundle a cage with the How to Raise Monarchs Downloadable Guide (this guide also contains info on finding eggs or purchasing them from vendors, if needed)

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Good idea

This is my first ER cube. I like the idea of separating putting bigger cats in it that I get from outside just in case they are infected with T fly or diseases. Good quality


Great product

Mini hospital cage

I used it for fallen chrysalises that could not hang.Out of five three worked out.Two did not. Worked very well.I had two at a time in cage so get a few!

Getting ready for next years Caterpillars

These two smaller butterfly cages will be easier to handle, especially moving them in and out of the house so the caterpillars can have lots of outside time and still be safe. I found the very large cages were hard to handle getting through the door especially if there was some wind. I sewed shoelaces to the four corners of the large cage to anchor it down to some stakes I put in the grass beneath a large tree, so will do the same with the smaller cages. They will be so much easier to handle!

Butterfly items

Very happy with my purchase! Will definitely be purchasing from here for my future butterfly needs.

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