Monarch Butterfly Kit: Baby Cube Cage + Raising Book Download + 4 Floral Picks

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This monarch butterfly kit includes:

  • Baby Cube Butterfly Cage (15" x 15" x 15") for raising up to 15 monarchs from egg to adult
  • 4 Floral Picks for Milkweed Cuttings
  • 1 PDF Instant Download- How To Raise More Monarchs, Less Effort that reveals the tips, tools, and techniques I use to raise monarchs with a 95% survival rate.
  • Save $4.00 by purchasing this raising bundle.
  • $7.75 for Priority Shipping or Free Priority Shipping w/ total store purchase over $60.00

important note: eggs and/or caterpillars are not included in kits, but egg hunting tips + suggested vendors are in the book.

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