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JUMBO Floral Water Tubes 5" Large Floral Tubes 🌿🐛

Design Flaw SALE- Floral Tubes 50% off- READ before purchasing

We just realized that there is a FIXABLE design flaw with the JUMBO tube lids which will be permanently fixed by the manufacturer going forward…

The issue is that the plastic around the lid hole is less flexible than it was on our samples, which makes it hard to fit medium and large cuttings through. After a little bit of brain storming, I have come up with three ways two permanently fix the issue:

  1. Use a regulation size hole punch 1/4" to punch a bigger hole…make sure you use a hole punch that allows you to put in something thicker than paper. I grabbed a cheap one from a company called the paper studio at Hobby Lobby. Please see the photo on this listing for reference 


  1. Drill a larger hole in the lid with about a 1/4" drill bit…I did this with the tubes sitting inside a floral tube rack


  1. Stick a knife in the lid hole to create a small slit. 


Going forward, we will make sure the lid material is more flexible and that the lid hole is bigger so this is never an issue again. For now, if you don’t mind a little DIY to fix the lids, enjoy some discounted JUMBO tubes at 50% OFF 😎


5" Jumbo-sized floral tubes with stretchy lids that are easier to remove. Click the details tab above for more info...

  • 37ml capacity large floral water tubes for less refilling
  • Saves Milkweed...and ⌚️
  • 16 pack
  • New and Improved Longer Lasting Lids
  • Lids also easier to remove
  • Use for milkweed stem or leaf cuttings
  • Reusable
  • Easy to clean
  • Floral Tube Rack is the most secure way to elevate tubes and keep caterpillars from crawling around in 💩

Customer Reviews

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Time saver!

I love these tubes! They are a space saver and a time saver. Very easy to work with and give plenty of room for the cats to roam.
I'll a repeat shopper! Thank you!

Lots of room for my new cats!

I am ready for more cats. Very easy to work in and room for planted milkweed to grow. Well constructed and easy to view what’s happening inside. Thank you👍

Saving the Monarchs

Love all the things I received from your shop! It makes clean up so easy. I also have inspired my dad to save the monarchs and gave him a cage for Father’s Day-he is also very pleased with the product. Thank you.

They work well but I wish they had a flat bottom.

The tubes sit in the rack OK but can't sit up straight even when packed tight. As the cats grow and move, the tubes have a tendency to shift which could cause a cat to fall. I haven't had that happen yet but I do worry about it. The cap defect was not much of an issue. A quick drill to each cap and the stems fit just fine. If the tubes had a flat bottom, I would give them 5 stars for their function and price.

Hi Nicole, thanks for your feedback....we have larger tubes coming soon that will stay straight in the white racks with just the top shelf attached. the jumbo tubes fit in the new peg racks perfectly.

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Excellent Value

Excellent Value for the money. Well used items. All great sizes. Fast shipping. Excellent customer service.

Loving it!

Good looks Tony, the butterfly cage is perfect, bigger than I expected and good quality.
Its full house in there. I create climate Gardens to save biodiversity in an urban environments barely any butterflies. So now Tony with your butterfly cage we're giving as many species in the garden a boost. And planting more habitat to help restore balance and confuse the predators. And of course the cage is helping. The garden is full of more butterflies than ever. Thank you.

Great Fun!

It was great to get my caterpillars out of my Tupperware and into the butterfly house when it arrived! I now have 4 chrysalides waiting for the big moment. I really like this product.

We are very pleased with both of these. The baby cage is great for the eggs and young tiny caterpillars. The tall cage is great for the caterpillars and the chrysalis they have created!

Baby Cube Butterfly Cages

I truly love the baby cube butterfly cages, because they are small and light, and
the drawbridge door with the double zipper makes it so easy to access the
caterpillars and clean. I also appreciate that there is nowhere in these cages
that you can lose a caterpillar. These are very caterpillar and user friendly
cages. I would definitely purchase them again.