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JUMBO Floral Tubes + 2 Peg Racks BUNDLE 🌿🐛

Design Flaw SALE- Floral Tubes 50% off- for the tubes/racks bundle you will get $3.50 OFF....there are no issues with the racks. 

Please READ before purchasing:

We just realized that there is a FIXABLE design flaw with the JUMBO tube lids which will be permanently fixed by the manufacturer going forward…

The issue is that the plastic around the lid hole is less flexible than it was on our samples, which makes it hard to fit medium and large cuttings through. After a little bit of brain storming, I have come up with three ways two permanently fix the issue:

  1. Use a regulation size hole punch 1/4" to punch a bigger hole…make sure you use a hole punch that allows you to put in something thicker than paper. I grabbed a cheap one from a company called the paper studio at Hobby Lobby. Please see the photo on this listing for reference 


  1. Drill a larger hole in the lid with about a 1/4" drill bit…I did this with the tubes sitting inside a floral tube rack


  1. Stick a knife in the lid hole to create a small slit. 


Going forward, we will make sure the lid material is more flexible and that the lid hole is bigger so this is never an issue again. For now, if you don’t mind a little DIY to fix the lids, enjoy some discounted JUMBO tubes at 50% OFF 😎

5" Jumbo-sized Floral Tubes that fit perfectly in Peg Rack Holders the caterpillars can't form a chrysalis under! 😊 Click the details tab above for more info...

  • 16 pack of large floral water tubes + 2 peg racks 
  • Shelfless peg racks your caterpillars can't form a chrysalis under...more caterpillars will form chrysalis from mesh roof of the cage. 
  • 9" by 4" racks with 40 slots to space out 8 tubes over each rack
  • fit 2 racks in baby cube or tall baby cages
  • fit 4 racks in big cube or monarch tower
  • 5" floral tubes- 37ml capacity floral tubes for less refilling
  • Saves Milkweed...and ⌚️
  • New and Improved Longer Lasting Lids on floral tubes
  • Lids also easier to remove
  • Use for milkweed stem or leaf cuttings (or other host + nectar plants)
  • Easy to clean & Reusable
  • Floral Tube racks are the most secure way to elevate tubes and keep caterpillars from crawling around in 💩

Customer Reviews

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Great improvement

New rack fit tubes beautifully and also the previous super tubes. They also fit my first set of small tubes in between 2 pegs. I just hope that a small version would be made to fit inside my little bug boxes which are only about 3x8 inches.

Customer Reviews

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