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Garden for Life Pollinator Refrigerator Magnet

Garden for Life is a call to action to protect and support our pollinators by growing host and nectar plants, and to celebrate your lifelong passion for gardening. 🌿🌼
  • 3.5" wide magnet is good size for the refrigerator
  • Thin but strong πŸ’ͺ🏾
  • Hang documents, lists, reminders, school work
  • by 5+ for $2.49/each or 10+ for $1.99/each- same or multiple designs
  • Gift inside cards or as a bonus gift inside the box

Customer Reviews

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All is good...everything came as expected.

Adore the design + small idea.

It speaks clearly as to what its for. I also grabbed the T-shirt just before the retirement. I would like to use these as window clings or stickers for my car. I'm unsure if they were once available or not. I know that my fridge doesn't have any chance of anyone seeing it like my car. I send off a great many message on all that 'add space' so I just thought it was worth mentioning. I'd buy window magnets in otherwords.Hoping to try out just putting on the metal on my car. If I get attention, I shall let you know. Thanks for your time & totally understand that your energy is best served in fixing design issues for now. Well done in doing so rather than just ignoring the situation. Again, you show that you're dedicated! Cheers.


Beautiful magnet!!

Meaningful Magnets

I was so happy to find that you had made magnets out of some of your shirt imprints. I bought quite a few, which I plan to give as gifts. They slip easily into a greeting card and make a nice little surprise for a special person.

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Excellent Value

Excellent Value for the money. Well used items. All great sizes. Fast shipping. Excellent customer service.

Loving it!

Good looks Tony, the butterfly cage is perfect, bigger than I expected and good quality.
Its full house in there. I create climate Gardens to save biodiversity in an urban environments barely any butterflies. So now Tony with your butterfly cage we're giving as many species in the garden a boost. And planting more habitat to help restore balance and confuse the predators. And of course the cage is helping. The garden is full of more butterflies than ever. Thank you.

Great Fun!

It was great to get my caterpillars out of my Tupperware and into the butterfly house when it arrived! I now have 4 chrysalides waiting for the big moment. I really like this product.

We are very pleased with both of these. The baby cage is great for the eggs and young tiny caterpillars. The tall cage is great for the caterpillars and the chrysalis they have created!

Baby Cube Butterfly Cages

I truly love the baby cube butterfly cages, because they are small and light, and
the drawbridge door with the double zipper makes it so easy to access the
caterpillars and clean. I also appreciate that there is nowhere in these cages
that you can lose a caterpillar. These are very caterpillar and user friendly
cages. I would definitely purchase them again.