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Floral Tube Rack Holder for Milkweed Cuttings- 24 Slots

New (and Improved!) Floral Tube Racks 2.0 are in: CLICK HERE 

This is the best solution I have used for holding floral tubes (or floral picks) in place to serve milkweed cuttings (or other host plants) for hungry caterpillars. How can floral tube racks help make raising caterpillars easier? Click Details Tab

  • Snap together assembly- no tools needed 
  • Space out 8-10 floral tubes over 24 slots
  • 9.5"L x 4"W x 2.5"H assembled
  • Fit 2 in baby cube or tall baby cage
  • Fit 4 in big cube or monarch tower
  • Use either type of floral tube we offer in this holder- floral tubes purchased separately
  • Stable and won't tip, like some other solutions. 
  • Floral Picks stick into the rack floor, but won't pierce/tear your cage floor
  • Easy to clean
  • We suggest only attaching the top shelf in case a monarch decides to form a chrysalis, from it...it will be easier to remove, or left to hang.

Customer Reviews

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Better than an egg carton

I would absolutely buy this again. I used one last year and had no problems at all. Easy to put together and clean.

They work...but....

I’m not a fan of the white floral tube holders. They don’t hold the tube firmly, it’s very hard to clean the fras out and I’ve had cats build their chrysalis on the inside of it. Not cool because the butterfly will have no room to open up which means I must move the chrysalis.

Hi Barbara, we have updated peg racks that should prevent the chrysalis issues, but will also be bundling larger floral tubes with these racks so you'll only need the top shelf...stay tuned.

Positive so far

Product satisfaction

The Floral Tube Rack holder for milkweed cutting arrived quickly and was easy to put together. I was somewhat confused when I realized that there were caps with a slot hole to be attached to each tube. I knew immediately that they were to help hold the milkweed stems straight, but only later did I realize that water was to be placed in the tubes as well. Holy Geez, I actually went to one of them four year college shools. Hmmmm.

Perfect for my needs!

I had previously purchased some test tube holders for my floral tubes but these ones are much better and will be a lot easier to keep clean.

Customer Reviews

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