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FAT CAT 50 ml Floral Tubes- large floral tubes to feed caterpillars 🌿🐛

Our biggest floral tubes that hold almost 50 ml of water to keep milkweed cuttings fresh longer. Click the details tab above for more info...

  • 48ml capacity large floral water tubes for less refilling
  • Saves Milkweed...and ⌚️
  • 8 pack
  • New and Improved Longer Lasting Lids
  • Lids also easier to remove
  • Use for milkweed stem cuttings, other 🐛host plants, or to hold flower cuttings to feed 🦋
  • Reusable
  • Easy to clean
  • Wider tubes secure in traditional white rack using one shelf
  • Can be used with both floral tube rack styles

Customer Reviews

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Loved the big cubes. Got second one for my neighbor. I can lean in to take photos with ease.


FAT CAT 50 ml Floral Tubes- large floral tubes to feed caterpillars 🌿🐛

Loving These!

These easily fit a large cut stem of common milkweed. Sometimes I can fit a smaller stem of common milkweed plus a small stem of red milkweed into the tube.

Cats Still “J” on the yellow floral racks

I was under the impression that the floral rack peg design would prevent the caterpillars from “J’ing” there. To my dismay, they J’d there anyway. The floral racks have square pegs, too, so the chrysalis had a dent in it. When I tried the shower cap fix, a caterpillar crawled through a space where I’d poked a tube through and died there. I would not have bought the peg racks if I knew they’d have so many problems.

Hi Sally, there is info here to prevent this from happening on both rack styles. We have had zero issues since the shower cap fix. Use something to pierce the plastic before sticking the tubes through so you don't 'rip' it. We are updating the design so this won't be necessary next season: https://monarch-butterfly-shop.helpscoutdocs.com/article/110-caterpillar-forming-chrysalis-on-floral-tube-rack
Another order, Another satisfied customer

Everything was packaged perfectly and received in a timely manner. Please have the smaller tubes back in stock in the spring. Those are our favorites but we are completely satisfied with all items received.

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Highly recommend!

Floral tubes

Worked great. The tubes keep the water for a long time and the milkweed leaves stay healthier.

first time using twin peg racks

They work great! I don't have to replace the milkweed leaves or run outside to get more. However, they work better with smaller caterpillars, as the large ones bend down the leaves and it's easier then to go back to feeding them from the cage floor.

Poo Poo Platter

Excellent addition to help keep the cage clean. Well worth the money.

Satisfied but....

The new square baby cube's clear vinyl window is wrinkled and you can not get a clear view of the inside of the cube. Also, the zipper does not work as smoothly as the zippers on the older style cubes. We prefer the older round version that we had purchased last year.

Hi Brian, the wrinkling is because the cube was folded circularly. This will unwrinkle over time or you can speed up the process with a blow dryer: https://monarchbutterflyshop.net/pages/instructions We are making some improvements to the cages next year which should be our best version yet. Thank you for your feedback.