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Adjustable LED Magnifier- See Tiny Eggs and Baby Caterpillars

Finally see what you've been missing in your butterfly garden and raising monarch butterflies with our monarch magnifying glass.

  • Designed for seeing insects up close in the garden, finding monarch eggs, locating baby caterpillars, reading, seniors, hobbyists, and those with poor vision
  • large, high quality, glass lens 2.5" diameter (64mm)
  • 3x magnification- Find monarch eggs and locate baby caterpillars!
  • Get a close-up look of the action going on in your milkweed patch or in your butterfly cage
  • foldable handle makes hands-free stand to use on tables: adjust angle/focus by pivoting lens up or down
  • 2 LED lights for use in low lighting
  • light weight for long use- weighs less than half a pound (4.3 ounces)
  • Comfortable grip
  • Requires 2AA batteries for LED lights (not included)
  • All Butterfly Cage/Kit customers receive an invite to our Closed Facebook Group to discuss raising monarchs + post your photos
  • Save 15% when you bundle any physical raising product with the How to Raise Monarchs Downloadable Guide (this guide also contains info on finding eggs or purchasing them from vendors, if needed)

Customer Reviews

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Grandchildren love this

My grandchildren are loving this and are using it for lots more than Monarch cats!

Just what I needed

I ordered a second smaller cage so that when my caterpillars were about to make their chrysalis I would move them to the other cage. This way I avoided having my butterflies hatch in the same cage as my growing cats. Worked perfectly!


Small cages were the perfect size!


Very pleased!

Magnifier & new tube holders

This is the 3rd LED Magnifier I've ordered. The magnification is amazing for the size and it makes it so much easier to see the tiny caterpillars & eggs. The first two were for my daughter & I, & I ordered the 3rd for a backup in case I broke or misplaced my first one . This is my second order for the new tube holders. I am so grateful to have this new style so my caterpillars don't make their Chrysalis on the tube racks as they have several times in the past with the older style. They work amazing and hold the old style big tubes & the new bigger tubes. I also ordered a small pop-up cage for collecting eggs and keeping them separate from the hatched caterpillars in the bigger cage. I am 1000% happy with all my items from your store!

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Grandchildren love this

My grandchildren are loving this and are using it for lots more than Monarch cats!

Baby cage

Great size for baby Caterpillars

Cages and tubes

I'm sorry it has taken me this long to respond to your emails. I have no regrets in what I purchased. The only thing I thought of with the cages is if they were weighted in the bottom a little they would be more stable. That would increase the price tho, so that would not be a good thing. I have lots of cats about to be born so I've been quite busy in south west Florida. Thank you for all your help in raising them successfully. Callie

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Perfect, just as I expected