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TALL Baby Butterfly Cage to Raise Monarchs...and More! 15"x15"x24"H

Raise Up to 15 Monarchs in a mesh pop-up cage that's 9" taller (15" L by 15" W by 24 H") than our baby cube cage so you can use bigger stem cuttings or small potted plants 🌿😊 Click Details Tab for More Info

  • For Indoor Use or Outdoor Area protected from wind/rain/predators
  • Drawbridge Door- flap hangs down and won't get in your way when cage cleaning or inserting/removing monarch eggs & caterpillars
  • Fine mesh keeps baby 🐛 in and small predators 🐜🕷 out 
  • Handles for easy portability
  • Clear PVC Window to observe monarchs while they grow and transform
  • Traditional side-opening door: never interrupt chrysalises on the cage roof! 
  • Green Cage folds flat for easy storage.
  • Add Floral Tube packs + racks to keep milkweed fresh for caterpillars (not included)
  • Add Poo Poo Platter for easy cage cleaning and floor stability when carrying (not included)
  • Check out our Instructions Page for additional cage and accessories info
  • All Butterfly Cage/Kit customers receive an invite to our Closed Facebook Group to discuss raising monarchs + post your photos
  • Save 15% when you bundle a cage with the How to Raise Monarchs Downloadable Guide (this guide also contains info on finding eggs or purchasing them from vendors, if needed)

Customer Reviews

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Tall Butterfly Cage

The cage works well for the younger caterpillars. Once they reach their largest size, I transfer them to the Tower before they start wandering up the cage.

Smaller Cage for Smaller Spaces

We have not personally used this cage. I have no doubt it will work splendidly, as all of Tony's products do. We mostly use the 24x24x24 and 24x24x36 cages and have raised many Monarchs and Swallowtails. We bought a supply of all the cages, as we are providing them at Tony's price to families interested in raising butterflies. This size and the other smaller ones will work very well where there are space constraints or if you want to see if the activity has staying power! All of Tony's products are well thought out and work.


Can’t wait to use this size! I love the smaller size ! Easy to clean

Cages and tubes

I'm sorry it has taken me this long to respond to your emails. I have no regrets in what I purchased. The only thing I thought of with the cages is if they were weighted in the bottom a little they would be more stable. That would increase the price tho, so that would not be a good thing. I have lots of cats about to be born so I've been quite busy in south west Florida. Thank you for all your help in raising them successfully. Callie

Not as good as previous purchase

I purchased from here three seasons ago, and this past season. The quality of the netting was much better in the past. The height is good, but the net and zipper quality are disappointing. The floral tubes worked well and are comparable to previous purchases. The rack is difficult to assemble but useful for milkweed cuttings.

Hi Tracey, sorry to hear you feel this way. we are constantly working to improve our products and we switched manufacturers to achieve this goal. I'm not sure what you mean by the netting isn't as high quality. It's the same material as before and have not heard this complaint before. If there is an issue with a defective zipper please email with details. If you are having issues with the rack, please see our video on the instructions page: https://monarchbutterflyshop.net/pages/instructions

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The square design fits the bottom of the cage perfectly. Eliminates the hassle of cleaning the frass that falls outside the edges of the round platters.

Monarch Magnet

Love the magnet! I live in Michigan and it's winter. My magnet reminds me Spring will be here soon.

Great size habitat for Monarchs

I have the tall habitat (for tall milkweed plants) and now this 24 inch. Nice to have a variety of habitats to protect Monarch's in various stages, to release.

Tall Butterfly Cage

The cage works well for the younger caterpillars. Once they reach their largest size, I transfer them to the Tower before they start wandering up the cage.

Floral Tubes

I love these. They hold plenty of cuttings and don’t need to be filled up with water every day.