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TWIN Peg Racks BUNDLE for holding caterpillar floral tubes🌿🐛

Keep milkweed cuttings elevated with Peg Rack Holders that hold our FAT CAT, Jumbo, or Super Tubes.  Click the details tab above for more info...

  • 2 peg racks (floral tubes not included)
  • Shelfless peg racks your caterpillars can't form a chrysalis under...more caterpillars will form chrysalis from mesh roof of the cage. 
  • 9" by 4" racks with 40 slots to space out 8 tubes over each rack
  • fit 2 racks in baby cube or tall baby cages
  • fit 4 racks in big cube or monarch tower
  • Use to elevate milkweed stem or leaf cuttings (or other host + nectar plants)
  • Easy to clean & Reusable
  • Floral Tube racks are the most secure way to elevate tubes and keep caterpillars from crawling around in 💩

Customer Reviews

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Like the poo-poo platter.

Poo-poo platter does simplify cleaning but would be even better if you made a square one to fit the enclosure. I still have to take everything out and shake out the enclosure (with chrysalides hanging from the top!) Because a lot of frass ends up falling around the platter and in the corners. Still worth the very minor investment to make cleaning easier though.

Great enclosures!

Love the 24 inch enclosure. Side opening works so-oo much better than my old popups that opened on the top and clear side gives a great view of whats going on. Just saw a J'd cat turn into a chrysalis this morning! Just ordered a second one to keep cats and butterflies seperate and plan to purchase a smaller one in near future to replace my old one as an isolation/hospital enclosure. Great products!

Great design!

I love these racks - so easy to use with the new floral tubes. The tubes stay upright, in the rack, making it all very stable. Easy to clean, and the design prevents cats from crawling underneath, out of sight. I can use a brush to "sweep" the frass in between the upright rods, if I don't have the other rack available to switch out. I don't think the design could be improved upon! My caterpillars have thrived with them.


I don’t like these. My caterpillar was wedged in between slots. The top of the trays have sharp edges! I would never order again. They are also too big. I don’t use 12 or 24 tubes at one time.

Hi Kath, the catepillars will crawl down to molt, but they crawl back up for fresh milkweed...each rack comes with 8 tubes so not sure what you mean about 12-24 tubes. happy raising

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Very helpful purchase!!!!

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My first purchase after starting the process of raising monarchs. It works great.

They’re great!!!

These are great!!! So easy and saves me so much time when cleaning my cats enclosures!!!

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