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Poo Poo 2- Fitted Cage Liner Easy Cage Cleaning

The poo poo 2 is a fitted plastic caterpillar cage liner that fits perfectly on the floor of your baby cube or tall baby butterfly cage. Click the details tab for more info

  • NEW DESIGN: 14.5" bendable platter fitted for the baby cube and tall baby cages- caterpillars can't crawl under rim
  • Gives baby cube and tall baby cages a solid floor so they can be carried around without spilling cuttings containers inside
  • Bend opposite (diagonal) sides slightly toward the center to insert or remove liner
  • Remove insert (filled with caterpillar frass/poop) and dump in garbage.
  • Rinse out, dry, and put back in the cage
  • Set milkweed cutting containers, plants, or leaves on platter
  • Check out our Instructions Page for additional cage and accessories info
  • All Butterfly Cage/Kit customers receive an invite to our Closed Facebook Group to discuss raising monarchs + post your photos
  • Save 15% when you bundle 1 physical raising item with the How to Raise Monarchs Downloadable Guide (this guide also contains info on finding eggs or purchasing them from vendors, if needed)

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Great design


It should help with clean up!

A good design

Very convenient to have the trays fit in the bottom of the butterfly house! Good for housekeeping. I expect to find it easier to keep things tidier and caterpillars and butterflies healthier

A real improvement--thank you.

These rectangular platters eliminate the poo along the outer edges problem and caterpillars getting down around the edges of a round dish. Great improvement!

Just ok

Not crazy about the design of this. The trenches are not deep enough. Actually this should be a two piece design so that one can remove a bottom tray to clean and then the cats are not so close to their frass.

Hi Carol, we use floral tubes/racks so that the milkweed/caterpillars are not crawling around on the floor and milkweed stays fresh for DAYS instead of having to be switched out daily. Platter or not, we suggest having the caterpillars elevated and spaced out:


I understand and appreciate the pullout tray idea and will keep this in mind if we develop an outdoor cage made of heavier materials...it's not practical for a lightweight, portable mesh cage.

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Just what I need!

My order of the 16 pack of large floral water tubes and peg racks is going to be perfect for my Monarch habitat and I can hardly wait for Spring to get here! These tubes will extend the life of my milkweed and make clean up much easier. Thank you for offering such a versatile and quality product.


Looking forward to being able to see eggs and cats when spring gets here. Like the light with the magnifier.

Great for all butterfly plants!

I use these for Wild Lime Tree cuttings (Giant Swallowtail), Cassia cuttings (Sulphur Butterflies), Milkweed, etc. Needed more 👍

Monarch Tower Butterfly Cage

This cage is even better than I hoped it would be! Well made, well designed and BIG! It will be the perfect solution to what I have been wanting to try: Raising caterpillars on a live potted milkweed plant. The only problem? My two HOUSE CATS claimed it immediately! Until I can use it outside I folded it up to protect it from kitty claws. That is when I discovered another great design feature. It folds back up so thin it can be stored anywhere!

Fat cat tubes and rack

I think these big tubes will make things much easier because I had to spend time each day refilling the smaller ones. I’ve been using various items to keep the tubes upright so I expect that the rack will be a big help too.