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Mother of Monarchs Raising Butterflies Refrigerator Magnet

A butterfly design that combines raising monarchs with the circle of life with mother's day and with...Game of Thrones? Even if you don't get the last reference, it's a magnet all monarch mamas can appreciate!

  • 3.5" wide magnet is good size for the refrigerator
  • Thin but strong 💪🏾
  • Hang documents, lists, reminders, school work
  • by 5+ for $2.49/each or 10+ for $1.99/each- same or multiple designs
  • Gift inside cards or as a bonus gift inside the box

Customer Reviews

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Useful & practical Gifts

I purchased the Mother of Monarchs magnet for a science teacher friend that raises monarchs at home and in the classroom. I also purchased other products from this site to help her with the monarch mission. She likes and uses everything I sent.

Baby & tall cubes & “ mother of butterflies “ magnets

The cubes are great! I’ve been giving the magnets to my friends who also raise monarchs and they think they’re awesome! Such a great play on On the line from Game of Thrones!

Its perfect!

This magnet came very quickly, and its a great size. My website is named www.motherofmonarchs.com so when I saw this magnet I had to have it. Thank you for creating it!

Mother of Monarchs Magnet — Review Coercion

First, while each of the five refrigerator magnets is exactly as I envisioned — they are overpriced.
Second, I appreciate and value the dedication shown by Tony Gomez for Monarchs via his website, web store, Facebook page, and blog, therefore I chose to purchase one each of the five magnets @ $2.99 each. Since my fridge is stainless steel, magnets won’t stick, so they are still in the baggies, I’ll probably give them away.
Third, therefore I really don’t have an opinion one way or the other, this purchase was essentially a charitable contribution.
Fourth, oh by the way, I have since noticed on the web store that if one buys five or more magnets the price is $2.49 - this must mean five or more of the SAME magnet. Good thing I wasn’t expecting the reduced price.
Fifth, let me state that I do not feel that anyone should be hounded, shamed, or otherwise EXPECTED to review an online purchase. Therefore I am copying/pasting the exact same verbiage for each magnet.

Hi Lee, thanks for your feedback. I just checked on my end and the magnet discount is working so no sure what happened. I refunded 2.50 to your credit card so each is priced 2.49. I am not coercing you or anyone for reviews, but we do ask for reviews so we know what our customers like, and where we can improve. enjoy the rest of your season, Tony
Butterfly magnet

I love all my butterfly magnets. The mother of monarchs is my favorite. If you love buttery, their a must. Pretty also

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