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FAT CAT Floral Tubes + 1 Floral Tube Rack BUNDLE 🌿🐛

Our biggest floral tubes that hold almost 50 ml of water to keep milkweed cuttings fresh longer + a rack to keep them spaced out, and in place! Click the details tab above for more info...

  • 48ml capacity large floral water tubes for less refilling
  • Saves Milkweed...and ⌚️
  • 8 pack of FAT CAT floral tubes
  • Rack is 9.5"L x 4"W x 2.5"H assembled
  • New and Improved Longer Lasting Lids
  • Lids also easier to remove
  • Use for milkweed stem cuttings, other 🐛host plants, or to hold flower cuttings to feed 🦋
  • Reusable
  • Easy to clean
  • Wider tubes secure in traditional white rack using one shelf- use the extra shelf as a back up in case of a rack shelf chrysalis

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Yellow floral tube holder.

As I had told you previously I was not happy with the yellow floral tube holders I received. They are stiff, hard to clean in between the stakes and I will not order again. Can you please assure me that you will continue to carry the white 2 level floral tube holders. This product is wonderful and makes monarch raising experience much easier. Please advise. Thank you. Linda Snyder.

Hi Linda, it is pretty easy to clean them if you soak them and you can also use a scrub brush to get in between pegs: https://amzn.to/2QeG1Rw We will be carrying both rack styles next season...
Easy to use

The floral tubes & holder made it easy for this 1st timer to keep fresh cuttings for my caterpillars. They keep them straight & hold enough water to keep them fresh. Easy to clean too.


Worked great!


Was very pleased with my whole order . several years ago I ordered 2 big cubes and love them . next sale I need to order more items for next year .. out of 45 I only lost 2 due to t- fly. Thank you Tony for the wonderful helpful hints and items to supply us faithful lovers of butterflies

Getting Ready for Next Year

Sorry I was slow at posting this. I was very pleased with my whole order of the cages, the racks and the fat cat tubes. I bought them this summer to get ready for next summer. I am learning a lot from your newsletter, which I so appreciate. I am so happy I found your site. We had a problem this year with an overabundance of praying mantises. I want to be ready next year, especially if it happens again.

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Nursery cage

First time user and I have released 33 butterflies over the last ten days. Works like a charm!

FAT CAT floral tubes and tube rack Bundle

These definitely were worth the money and they are study enough to hold my biggest leaves. Just wish I would have bought sooner instead of improvising along the way this summer

Big Cube Butterfly Cage

Highly recommend!

Floral tubes

Worked great. The tubes keep the water for a long time and the milkweed leaves stay healthier.

first time using twin peg racks

They work great! I don't have to replace the milkweed leaves or run outside to get more. However, they work better with smaller caterpillars, as the large ones bend down the leaves and it's easier then to go back to feeding them from the cage floor.