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FAT CAT 50 ml Floral Tubes- large floral tubes to feed caterpillars 🌿🐛

Our biggest floral tubes that hold almost 50 ml of water to keep milkweed cuttings fresh longer. Click the details tab above for more info...

  • 48ml capacity large floral water tubes for less refilling
  • Saves Milkweed...and ⌚️
  • 8 pack
  • New and Improved Longer Lasting Lids
  • Lids also easier to remove
  • Use for milkweed stem cuttings, other 🐛host plants, or to hold flower cuttings to feed 🦋
  • Reusable
  • Easy to clean
  • Wider tubes secure in traditional white rack using one shelf
  • Can be used with both floral tube rack styles

Customer Reviews

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Fat Cat floral tubes

I have recieved my tubes and am looking forward to using them for next years caterpillars. They will be a great improvement over the regular tubes used for flowers.

Fat Cat floral tubes

I am very please with with the floral tubes. The brief time I was able to use them they seem to keep the milkweed longer than the smaller tubes. Stocking up for next year.


Loved the big cubes. Got second one for my neighbor. I can lean in to take photos with ease.


FAT CAT 50 ml Floral Tubes- large floral tubes to feed caterpillars 🌿🐛

Loving These!

These easily fit a large cut stem of common milkweed. Sometimes I can fit a smaller stem of common milkweed plus a small stem of red milkweed into the tube.

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Grandchildren love this

My grandchildren are loving this and are using it for lots more than Monarch cats!

Baby cage

Great size for baby Caterpillars

Cages and tubes

I'm sorry it has taken me this long to respond to your emails. I have no regrets in what I purchased. The only thing I thought of with the cages is if they were weighted in the bottom a little they would be more stable. That would increase the price tho, so that would not be a good thing. I have lots of cats about to be born so I've been quite busy in south west Florida. Thank you for all your help in raising them successfully. Callie

FAT CAT Floral Tubes + 1 Floral Tube Rack BUNDLE

Perfect, just as I expected