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TWIN Peg Racks BUNDLE for holding caterpillar floral tubes🌿🐛

Keep milkweed cuttings elevated with Peg Rack Holders that hold our FAT CAT, Jumbo, or Super Tubes.  Click the details tab above for more info...

  • 2 peg racks (floral tubes not included)
  • Shelfless peg racks your caterpillars can't form a chrysalis under...more caterpillars will form chrysalis from mesh roof of the cage. 
  • 9" by 4" racks with 40 slots to space out 8 tubes over each rack
  • fit 2 racks in baby cube or tall baby cages
  • fit 4 racks in big cube or monarch tower
  • Use to elevate milkweed stem or leaf cuttings (or other host + nectar plants)
  • Easy to clean & Reusable
  • Floral Tube racks are the most secure way to elevate tubes and keep caterpillars from crawling around in 💩

Customer Reviews

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Great for Raising, Great for Educational Outreach

I just discovered how handy these peg racks were this season, and I’ve been raising butterflies and moths for 20 years. I do a lot of educational exhibit tables and programs, and these racks make it so easy to display my caterpillar livestock. I was able to show eggs, early instar larvae, and mature larvae right next to each other at a recent display, and everyone enjoyed it. These are great!

I am satisfied with all my purchases.

I have reviewed them individually. I will order from this site again definitely! Very happy with the items! The tower works extremely well!

Getting ready for next year

So far so good! I have only used the tubes and stand to finish off this year''s cattys. Already noticed the difference there!
I'll be watching for a new habitat - I have an aquarium set up now.


TWIN Peg Racks BUNDLE for holding caterpillar floral tubes🌿🐛

Multiple uses

I purchased tubes and stand as a means of storing/organizing watercolor paint brushes. Works beautifully. Would likely also work just as well for similar purposes -- as well as being excellent milkweed holders.

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Grandchildren love this

My grandchildren are loving this and are using it for lots more than Monarch cats!

Baby cage

Great size for baby Caterpillars

Cages and tubes

I'm sorry it has taken me this long to respond to your emails. I have no regrets in what I purchased. The only thing I thought of with the cages is if they were weighted in the bottom a little they would be more stable. That would increase the price tho, so that would not be a good thing. I have lots of cats about to be born so I've been quite busy in south west Florida. Thank you for all your help in raising them successfully. Callie

FAT CAT Floral Tubes + 1 Floral Tube Rack BUNDLE

Perfect, just as I expected