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BIG Baby 🐛Cage Bundle Giveaway- Enter through August 31st ⌛️

August 11, 2018

Big & Baby Butterfly Cage Bundle Giveaway through August 31st

Welcome to the Butterflies are Free Giveaway Contest Blog, where you can enter to win fabulous butterfly prizes from our shop including raising supplies, caterpillar cages, and butterfly-themed apparel...

This month's contest prize will be :

Big Baby Butterfly Cage+ Raising Supplies Bundle Giveaway through August 31st

A pair of our ✭✭ customer-reviewed cube cages for raising monarch eggs and caterpillars into magnificent monarch butterflies + one of each raising accessory

Get more info about the prize bundle by clicking the the links below: 

1. BIG Cube Butterfly Cage

2. Baby Cube Butterfly Cage

3. 💩 💩 Platter Cage Liner

4. Super Tubes Floral Tubes- Pack of 12

5. Floral Tube Rack Holder- 24 Slots (two)

6. Monarch Magnifier 

I will be giving away 5 BIG Baby Bundles, which means you'll have a good shot of landing this butterfly prize, plus see how you can get multiple entries to increase your odds of winning!

Submit entries until Friday, August 31st 🌼 at 1159pm CDT. Here's how to enter: