BIG Baby 🐛Cage Bundle Giveaway- Enter through August 31st ⌛️

August 11, 2018

BIG Baby 🐛Cage Bundle Giveaway- Enter through August 31st ⌛️

Welcome to the Butterflies are Free Giveaway Contest Blog, where you can enter to win fabulous butterfly prizes from our shop including raising supplies, caterpillar cages, and butterfly-themed apparel...

This month's contest prize will be :

Big Baby Butterfly Cage+ Raising Supplies Bundle Giveaway through August 31st

A pair of our ✭✭ customer-reviewed cube cages for raising monarch eggs and caterpillars into magnificent monarch butterflies + one of each raising accessory

Get more info about the prize bundle by clicking the the links below: 

1. BIG Cube Butterfly Cage

2. Baby Cube Butterfly Cage

3. 💩 💩 Platter Cage Liner

4. Super Tubes Floral Tubes- Pack of 12

5. Floral Tube Rack Holder- 24 Slots (two)

6. Monarch Magnifier 

I will be giving away 5 BIG Baby Bundles, which means you'll have a good shot of landing this butterfly prize, plus see how you can get multiple entries to increase your odds of winning!

Submit entries until Friday, August 31st 🌼 at 1159pm CDT. Here's how to enter: